Buda Elementary archers compete

Buda Elementary School Archery Club members (front, left to right) Amy Reyna, Kyle Decesare and Cameron Salinas, all 5th-graders, were second, first and third, respectively, in their school competition tournament recently. Coordinators and supporters of the archery competition are (back, left to right) Coaches Frank Espinoza and Mike Glendenning and Cabela’s Training Manager Josh Wright. (Photo by Jim Cullen)



Ten members of the Buda Elementary School Archery Club put their skills to the test recently in an intra-squad competition in the Buda Gym. Coaches Mike Glendenning and Frank Espinoza put their club members through their paces after school before an audience of families and friends. Five arrows shot in each of two rounds – one from 30 feet, one from 45 feet – were fired off by the well-practiced students, all with the goal of scoring as many points as possible.

Fifth graders Kyle Decesare, Amy Reyna, and Cameron Salinas ended up first, second, and third, with respective scores of 79, 74 and 68 points. Cabela’s Training Manager Josh Wright was on hand to recognize and congratulate the winners, bringing along Cabela’s gift cards for the top three finishers. All of the competitors received gift packs from the local store.

Glendenning brought the idea of an archery club to the Buda campus two years ago, after teaching a year at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Wimberley. At Buda, Glendenning secured a $3,000 grant from the Easton Foundation to purchase targets, bows and arrows, and a background curtain and the Buda Elementary School Archery Club was launched.

The local program initially invited only 5th and 4th-graders, but this year expanded the invitation to include interested 3rd-graders.

As for competition, Glendenning, known around the campus as “Coach G,” aspires to one day take his club members to officially-sanctioned meets, the closest being in Temple. The logistics of expense and a school-day absence have yet to be worked out.

For now, the Bulldogs meet after school on a regular basis and clearly enjoy themselves with the district’s sole archery option. In addition to the already-mentioned top prize-winners, those participating Bulldogs include Billy Eady, Ashton Allen, Zane Lilljedahl, Logan Denton, Adrian Rodriguez, Leonardo Martinez and Joe Aguirre.

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