Summer Camp Spotlight: Negley Art Camp

Addison Wilmore, 6, and tablemate Ava Kelley, 6, had fun getting their hands messy for their papier maché unicorns at the Negley Art Camp in June. (Photo by Kim Hilsenbeck)



Though school is out, the hall outside of the art room at Negley Elementary was filled with art projects in various stages of production during the first two weeks of June.

Both sides of the hall were lined with construction paper painted with Chinese art, next to papier maché heads and recycled art projects.

This was where budding young artists in kindergarten through fifth grade tested their skills at Art Camp, organized and taught by Art teacher Amy Ciagnero. Most students just call her Miss C. or Miss Art.

The sounds of happy campers drifted out from the room as children got their hands, and sometimes their clothes, nice and messy.

Ciagnero held two week-long camps in June to help students learn about art and the history behind it. They also made projects each day showing what they learned.

The kids drew elephants, made papier maché heads, dabbled in Chinese art, created Japanese comic books and tried their hand at creature art.

Kennedy Goodnight, 10, was putting the finishing touches on her Kite House project with a hot glue gun. She hand wrapped the popsicle sticks with colorful yard, then glued them together to create the house shape.

Stephanie Murray, 8, was creating a creature using papier maché wrapped around a beach ball, while Ava Kelley, 6, was making a unicorn. A look at the table under the project showed glops of the soupy papier maché mixture.

Asked if art camp was fun, the students all gave an enthusiastic, “Yes!”

Carson and Kora Renfro, 8 and 10, were making their papier maché masterpieces. Kora’s dragon got a little help from mom Angela Renfro. Carson’s monster was taking shape one seat over.

Jamison Eddleman, 11, had a look of intent on his face while he painted on the first layer of his papier maché project. What is it?

“It’s a dead face,” Jamison said.

Overall, the art projects showed creativity and originality, along with a lot of messiness.

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