Firefighters save Dacy Lane House

Firefighters were able to save a house that caught fire last week. The garage, however, was totally destroyed. (Photo by Veronica Gordon)



A melted basketball hoop and a scorched tractor are left standing where a garage used to be.

No injuries were reported after a fire at 3148 Dacy Lane destroyed the garage last week, but the construction will be a little behind schedule.

“My crew left about 4:30 in the afternoon,” said contractor John Anguiano of JMA Framing Monday afternoon. “There’s about a four-hour window from when we left to when it was called in, so we don’t know what could have happened. Two neighbors called it in to the fire department, so there’s conflicting information about the exact time it started.”

Anguiano and his crew are in the process of remodeling the house, replacing the cedar siding with hardwood.

“That garage was still cedar boards,” Anguiano said. “We had been storing our scaffolding and the new windows in there. It was cleaned out from the previous owner. It was so full of junk before, it probably should have burned down before.”

Anguiano said the fire is a minor setback in the remodel, as they wait for insurance adjusters to examine the scene.

Deputy Fire Chief Rick Beaman responded to the call. He said the fire was under control within minutes of the fire crew’s arrival.

“When we got there, the garage was in flames,” Beaman said. “The fire jumped from the garage to the house, but we were able to extinguish it. We knocked down the fire on the house quickly and moved on to the garage. The garage was a total loss.”

Fire Marshal Mark Chambers is investigating the cause of the fire, Beaman added.

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