Smooth ride on the rails of Kyle tracks

Photo by Veronica Gordon



Union Pacific Railroad welders are repairing portions of the train tracks at Kyle. Monday afternoon motorists were kept from crossing the tracks for about 20 minutes to ensure that the crossing bars and warning lights were working properly.

“We are eliminating joints on these parts of the tracks,” said Raul Fuentes, a Union Pacific welder. “The welders are taking the nuts and bolts out. It makes for a smoother track.”

Fuentes said that fewer joints can help cut down on the amount of noise the train makes while traveling on the tracks.

“It won’t keep the sound of the train horn down,” he said. “But it will help get the trains through town with less rattling.”

Fuentes said the welding shouldn’t affect traffic very much. The work should be complete in a few days, Fuentes added.

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