A mother of a moth nest

Kyle residents Dan and Kathy Ryan have watched the miracle of nature transform a window in their Kensington Trails home into an intricate Case Moth nest. Kathy Ryan said, “Basically, it makes this case of sticks as a ‘house’ to live in. The case is attached to its body and moves wherever the caterpillar goes. This one must have used twigs from our rose bush and has climbed to the top of our house and seems to be parked there. We aren’t sure if it is getting ready to hibernate or not. It was fascinating to watch it crawl the length of the window as we could watch it spin some silk and stick it to the window then pull itself up about 1/2 inch then repeat the process. Apparently in Australia there is a case moth that creates a rectangular case that looks like a log cabin (picture can be seen on Google).”

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