Local veteran honored on battle of Midway anniversary

2nd Aviation Ordnanceman Judson Brodie of the USS Yorktown CV-5 talking with attendees of the Battle of Midway program hosted by the Admiral Nimitz Foundation. Author and historian Dr. Craig Symonds who wrote “The Battle of Midway” gave the presentation, along with General Mike Hagee USMC Ret, which was held at the National Museum of the Pacific War in Fredericksburg on Aug. 17. June 4, 2012, marked the 70th anniversary of that historic battle, known as one of Admiral Nimitz’s greatest accomplishments. Of the battle, Brodie remarked, “It was a long day, but we destroyed 2-4 Japanese carriers.” Brodie was responsible for all ammunition on three of the F4F wildcats in his squadron. His squadron insignia was a duck with floaters on its feet. When asked about what the insignia meant, he replied, “We went to sea so far out that even a duck needed floats.”

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