Giving thanks


Happy Thanksgiving!

For what might a Mountain Citian express gratitude?:

• our little city that’s still somewhat in the country

• trustworthy, friendly neighbors

• that when a live oak killed by oak wilt is removed, a space becomes available for plants that need full sun

• butterflies

• sunsets

• sound of band practices and football games

• hummingbirds

• J.P., our mail carrier

• Mr. Green, who picks up trash

• Beth Smith, our JP

• Mark Jones, our county commissioner

• Tiffany Curnutt, our mayor

• Les Dullnig, Brian Wilson, Lee Taylor, Roland Garza, and T.J. Callis, our City Council Members

• Ellis Craig, city secretary

• Vicki Senefeld, city treasurer

• Amy Hilton, coordinator of Loving Mountain City

• opportunities to give as a community, provided by Loving Mountain City (headed by Amy Hilton)

• that Phil Wilbur and Beth Smith and others took the initiative to incorporate the subdivision in 1984, removing threat of annexation

• paved roads

• safety for children to play outdoors

• Kyle Volunteer Fire Department

• food and clothing and shelter

• abundant wildlife

• Bluebirds

• Northern cardinals

• Painted buntings

• freedom

If you have a hard time speaking gratitude to loved ones, what the heck, just do it! If you have a hard time sending tidbits, what the heck, just do it! Send tidbits to or (512) 268-5678.

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