Welcome to the new Hays Free Press/News-Dispatch website!

Exciting things are happening now in Hays County, with phenomenal growth occurring, new businesses moving to town, and more residents buying up homes.
Another big move is the new and improved website for the Hays Free Press and the News-Dispatch. So that residents can keep in the know for all areas of the county, we have combined the website for both of our publications into one. Readers can now see what is going on at the county, and in our towns of Buda, Kyle, Dripping Springs and Wimberley.
For a limited time, we have decided to give residents a chance to read our stories without a paywall. Get to know your neighbors, read about events in other towns. We’ll keep the paywall down for a couple of months. And, at that point, if you are not a subscriber, you will be given the option to subscribe for a nominal fee.
Our regular subscribers, of course, will always be given access to the website, and now you get stories from throughout the county.
With the launch of a new site like this, there might be a few bugs or missing features initially. Please bear with us as we make work to make sure everything is in order.
We hope you enjoy our added efforts. As always, you can send us news tips at news@haysfreepress.com and advertising inquiries to tracy@haysfreepress.com.

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