In remembrance of Bowling Green

Some folks ask me where I come up with ideas for this here column. I tell ’em that usually some weird thought pops up like a baby’s poot in her bath water. Sometimes I see something in the news that sparks an interest. There have been times in the past where I simply can’t think of anything to comment on, but thanks to millions of registered voters, there is now a plethora of material coming out of our nation’s capital that keeps me up at night until I fire up my PC.

Now, I don’t go around looking for a thunder pot to stir up, but when I hear some outrageous statement from the mouth of some politician, I can’t help myself to spread the word. I reckon I will upset some folks out there who just can’t find underwear that fit, but let me assure you that I poke fun at anyone who says or does something stupid. If you read my last column, you saw me poking fun at men in general, including yours truly. Hey, if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you are one sad sack.

Let’s start off with our beloved president speaking recently without checking the facts first. Now, I haven’t taken a class in American History since 1976, but I do recall that Frederick Douglass was a social reformer and abolitionist back in the late 1800s. Mr. Trump spoke of this man in the present tense when he said, “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.” 

I refuse to relentlessly bash the guy like a lot of folks do, but you’ve got to wonder about Trump’s overall intelligence. Instead of releasing his tax returns, I’d like to see his high school report cards. I bet his GPA dropped a bit during Black History Month. And if Trump believes Douglass is still living, he probably didn’t do so hot in math either.

Okay, let’s see what other alternative facts plopped at our feet during interviews with some big wigs out in D.C. Before we get started, let’s take a moment of silence for those souls lost in the Bowling Green Massacre. I want to personally give kudos to Kellyanne Conway on getting the scoop on this tragedy well ahead of CNN and the rest of the media. Um, while we are on the subject, am I spelling Bowling Green right because I can’t find anything about this massacre on Wikipedia and I’m not on speaking terms with Siri?

Perhaps, our president and Ms. Conway weren’t the best students at Trump University, and they just misspoke. Not everyone is smart enough to make it to Final Jeopardy. Some folks lack sufficient gray matter to store actual facts and know what’s real and what’s not. Now, I am sure that we won’t hear anything stupid coming from our new Secretary of Education, right?

Whoa! Hold your horses! Ms. Betsy DeVos commented during her Senate confirmation hearing that we need guns in schools to protect the kids from grizzly bears. Dang it, CNN! Why didn’t you inform your viewers about all the bears mauling children in public schools? How long have these vicious attacks been going on? I’m glad we have a watchdog in the Department of Education looking after the welfare of our students.

Okay, how many folks have I ticked off? Probably fewer than those who got a chuckle out of this. Again, let me emphasize that I don’t take jabs at people just because of their political affiliation. I don’t lean to the left or right, although some nights after treating my arthritis, I tend to sway both ways. And being a farm boy like I am, I do believe in spreading out the manure.

Clint Younts’ cattle spread plenty of manure in the pastures around the Crow’s Nest.

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