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Tech drives learning at HCISD

Staff report

Over the next several months, thanks in large part to voters who approved a bond package in May, Hays CISD will upgrade and enhance its technology infrastructure, allowing students better access to a district-operated, filtered wireless network.

That sounds like a whole bunch of gobbledygook.

The real impact of the change is students will now be encouraged to bring their own devices, such as smart phones and iPads, to school.

It’s called Drive Your Own Device, or DYOD.

Director of Instructional Technology Christie Ricket said in a statement that technology is a powerful tool that can enhance learning and enable students to access information from anywhere in the world.

“Our custom “Drive Your Own Device” (DYOD) program is a bit different than common ‘Bring Your Own Device’ programs in other school districts,” Ricket said. “We want students in Hays CISD to do more than just bring these tools to school. We want them to learn to use these powerful vehicles on a journey of limitless educational experiences.”

All students will participate in digital citizenship instruction at the beginning of the school year. Through the district’s digital citizenship expectations, Hays CISD teachers will model how students can drive their own devices to achieve even higher levels of learning.

Parents who decide to allow their child(ren) to bring technology devices from home can support the initiative in the following ways:

•  Clearly label all devices and power cords with the child’s name

•  Set a passcode only your child will know

•  Bring devices to school fully charged and in good working order

•  Place the device on silent or vibrate to avoid classroom disruptions

•  Students may bring headphones

•  Have conversations at home about proper care, storage, and use of technology devices


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