Shelter damage highlights need

This week’s unfortunate water leak at the San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter brings into focus the central role that the shelter plays in the well-being of Hays County pets. With adoptions closed temporarily due to flooding part of the shelter, they are working hard to place with rescue groups some of the approximately 50 dogs and cats that come in each day from all over Hays County. That’s no small number, and as the population of Central Texas grows, so, too, grows the population of dogs and cats. 

Among all the discussions and planning for our rapidly-expanding county, let’s not forget to plan for the safety and well-being of companion animals. Hays County needs a comprehensive plan to address sheltering, sterilizing and caring for the dogs and cats of our booming population. 

The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter (which serves all but a very small portion of Hays County) has plans to expand their facility in the next five years. Preliminary budget and planning discussions have already begun. On March 19 of this year the City of San Marcos held a public meeting to discuss the design of the new animal shelter and dog park. Now is the time for our community to envision the shelter of tomorrow and how that facility will play a central role in a community caring for pets.

The shelter is OUR shelter, and those animals are OUR animals to take responsibility for. The San Marcos Regional Animal Shelter needs the support and input from our whole county to carry out programs that will increase adoptions, provide low-cost spay/neuter services, educate the community, and reunite lost pets with their owners. 

It’s important to ask our city and county representatives, “What are we doing to make our community safe for companion animals?” Let’s start there. 

Kate Shaw

Pet Prevent a Litter (PALS) of Central Texas

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