Hays CISD human resources head resigns

By Andy Sevilla

After being a topic of executive session in the Hays CISD school board’s agenda at both September meetings, a high-ranking official calls it quits. 

Hays CISD Assistant Superintendent of Human Resource David Hartz resigned from his post Sept. 19. The abrupt departure came without much explanation, and the board’s agenda only said they would discuss personnel matters in closed session, with Superintendent Mike McKie and Hartz as presenters. 

While Hartz gave no reason for his sudden departure in his resignation letter, he said his resignation was tendered with the understanding that October would be his last pay period. He also said in his letter that he “expected be treated as any other employee with regard to benefits and vacation days”, and that he would receive favorable references upon inquires by prospective employers.

“I acknowledge that today, Friday September 19, 2014 is the last day in the office and that I will have sufficient time to remove my personal items from the office,” he said in his resignation letter.

McKie hand delivered a memorandum to Hartz on Sept. 19 informing him that the document served as a formal acceptance of the resignation. McKie also noted that Hartz’s last day with the district would be Oct. 31. Hartz is expected to remain on leave until the end of that month, according to McKie’s memo obtained by the Hays Free Press through an open records request. 

“I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you for your service to the district,” McKie said in his memo. 

Tim Savoy, district spokesperson, said it was Hartz’s decision when to make his resignation effective. He said the extended time allowed Hartz to use up his accumulated leave time.

In a Monday morning email to district school principals informing them of the change, McKie said officials would be posting the position and interviewing candidates to fill Hartz position temporarily while a permanent replacement is named. 

“Over the next few months, our goal is to find someone that will add value to the organization and meet your needs,” McKie said in his email.

While an interim director is named, McKie said, Executive Director of Human Resources Ron Morrison would take care of pending items needing immediate attention.

In April, Hartz signed a multiple year noncertified contract with the school district. The term of the contract included the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 school years. 

Per the employment contract, the agreement would end at the end of the term or upon a determination by the board of trustees of good cause, financial exigency or program change. The contract does allow for Hartz to resign, but only with the consent of the board or its designee. 

The board did not take a vote in open session to accept Hartz’s resignation. McKie, however, formally accepted Hartz’s resignation. 

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