CPS finds no alleged improper relationship at Lehman

By Andy Sevilla

Hays CISD officials investigated an allegation of an improper relationship between a Lehman High School student and a teacher last week, according to the school district’s spokesperson. 

Now, the matter has been referred to the Child Protective Services agency for further review. 

Immediately upon hearing of the allegation, district officials began an investigation, which included an interview with the student allegedly involved in the inappropriate relationship, according to Tim Savoy, Hays CISD spokesperson.

“The student has been interviewed and denies the allegation,” Savoy said. “No perpetrator was ever named. Based on the student interview and other factors, Principal [Michelle] Chae believes the allegations to be unfounded.” 

Savoy said a teacher reported the alleged inappropriate relationship to Chae, after hearing about it from another teacher, who apparently heard it from a student. 

The school district did not release the reporting party’s name, as officials want staff members to be comfortable reporting information, Savoy said. 

In a communication to Hays CISD school board members informing them of the alleged relationship, Savoy said that despite Chae’s belief that the allegations are unfounded, she would file a report with CPS in the event the agency felt further investigation is warranted.

Savoy said Tuesday that CPS filed a report and determined no further action was needed.

Chae also is said to have called the student’s parents on the night the report was made, and after she determined the allegation to be unfounded, to discuss the situation.

Kyle Police Chief Jeff Barnett said Monday his office had not received any report involving an alleged inappropriate relationship involving a student and a teacher. 

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