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Read More This Year

by Melinda Hodges

Is your New Year’s resolution to read more this year? What a great resolution! Here are some ideas on how to get started!
Make it a habit. Pick a time each day that you are going to read. Consider having a dedicated reading space.
Set a goal! Pick a realistic number of books that you want to read this year and work toward it. You can keep track of your reading with a social network, such as Goodreads or LibraryThing.
Keep a book with you. This can be a physical book or one on your phone or tablet. If you are unexpectedly stuck in a line or in a waiting room, you’re ready to keep going on that great novel.
Join a book club. Having a set meeting date that the book must be read by really helps some people. Plus, you might read something you never thought of trying and you get to spend time with some great people.
Don’t keep reading a book you don’t like. If it doesn’t grab you within the first hour or two of reading, just move on to the next one. There are just so many books out there that you don’t need to feel bad about not finishing one.
If you don’t have time to read, try listening to audio books. Audio books allow you to enjoy books while driving, exercising, eating lunch or anytime your ears are free.
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