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How do local teacher salaries compare?

By Kim Hilsenbeck

Do Hays CISD teachers make less than those in surrounding districts? When school psychologists told the board earlier this month they were lower paid than their counterparts in other districts, teachers chimed in saying they are also paid less.

Elementary teacher Carolyn Doherty wrote, “Get in line psychologists. I am pretty sure that as an experienced classroom teacher, my salary is not nearly the lowest of surrounding districts. It is the lowest.”

High school teacher David Bowe added, “I started working in the district in 1998, and I was told we were the lowest paying district in the area when I went in to sign my contract.”

What keeps them both at Hays?

“The kids and my co-workers,” Bowe said. “Make no mistake about it, though, going elsewhere is something I consider often, even more lately. We live in a real world with real expenses we have to cover.”

Doherty said, “I love the school, teachers and families where I teach. I would not change that for anything. Good thing we do not go into teaching for the money.”

Robyn Katz, a teacher at Austin ISD, countered the assertion about the lower pay.

She wrote, “With 5 years experience and my doctorate, I would be paid HIGHER by $3000 in Hays. Make sure yall look at bigger picture here. It seems that Hays values education of teachers more, in that they pay significantly more to those with Master’s and Doctorates. That is a good thing (if you have kids in the district). It attracts highly educated faculty. So, Hays doesn’t pay less than all surrounding districts–not a blanket statement.”

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