Cities should review EP contracts

A few years ago, the City of Hutto entered into a contract with Heart of Texas Water suppliers LLC. Due to this contract, they are have been forced to increase water charges for their citizens, cut back on overtime, cut back on health care, and are looking for buyers for the water they don’t need. Hutto has attempted to renegotiate the contract on more than one occasion.

It is now 2015, and a company with the same leadership as Heart of Texas Water Suppliers, LLC; Electro Purification, has approached Buda and other potential buyers, with the same type of contract. They have managed to obtain water rights on properties that are in an unprotected white zone in western Hays County. We are your neighbors in Driftwood and Wimberley. Property easements are being taken by the use of Eminent Domain, in order to siphon water from one part of Hays County miles to another. This is being implemented by Goforth. This pipeline will ultimately, rumor has it, belong to Electro Purification LLC.

Communities that depend on the the Trinity Aquifer have been warned that their wells may cease to deliver water at all and, according to geo-hydrologists, there is a possibility that the Edwards Aquifer could be adversely impacted. Vague mitigation rumors that Electro Purification will determine which wells are affected by their draining of the aquifer(s), place property owners in a position to “prove” that the drilling and siphoning is the cause of their dry wells. This could lead to legal challenges that tie up property owners, and cities, for years with no water in the meantime. Both Heart of Texas Water Suppliers and Electro Purification are LLC partnerships, which can be dissolved at any time and leave Central Texas flapping in the wind with future budgets severely encumbered. Buda and Goforth should demonstrate some simple wisdom and reconsider these ill-advised contracts immediately. This is my humble opinion.

Linda Fannin


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