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Blanco Vista principal resigns

By Kim Hilsenbeck

The principal of Blanco Vista Elementary in Hays CISD today tendered her letter of resignation. Rebecca Shae has been the focus of an intense effort to have the district remove her from the position in recent weeks.

This past Monday evening, the Hays CISD Board of Trustees received a petiton to terminate Shae signed by 1,000 community members, parents and others. Grievences against the prinicipal include creating a hostile work environment and diminishing the quality of the dual-language program at the campus.

Her letter to Superintendent Michael McKie said, in part, “Foremost, I want to thank the district for its continuing support throughout my 17 years of service in Hays CISD and for recommending me for an extended contract for next school year. However, I have been considering moving back to my home state for some time. This is a decision I have been weighing for a number of months for reasons unrelated to the recent events regarding Blanco Vista.

I am appreciative of the support I have received from many members of my staff, former Hays CISD colleagues, and parents as evidenced by their large turnout to speak at the Board meeting in my favor. I will always be grateful for their unwavering support.”

Shae’s resignation is effective at the end of her current contract. She will finish out the school year as the school’s principal.

Hays CISD spokesperson Tim Savoy said today is the 90-day deadline in policy that employees on contract must notify the district they intend to separate from employment and still be eligible for reimbursement of unused local leave days. (Policy DEC-Local)

“I continue to hope for the best for this campus,” Shae wrote, “and also pledge to continue to lead in a professional and respectful manner until my resignation becomes effective.”

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