Overcoming the Blue Bell blues

By David White

Since the Blue Bell recall has become indefinite, ice cream connoisseurs have had to find a second favorite brand or hang up their spoons altogether.

A recent Hays Free Press Facebook poll shed light on the fact that there are plenty of true-moo Blue Bell fans who will accept no other. But if your loyalty to the brand is because it’s Texas-made, have no fear. There are plenty of other Texas-made ice creams to satisfy your southern taste buds. H-E-B’s Creamy Creations topped our unofficial poll, followed by a few enthusiastic votes for Adams Ice Cream. The Hays Free Press staff tried Adams’ vanilla and cookie dough ice cream and gave it a solid thumbs up. 

Tammy Gray at Buda Drugstore and Soda Fountain, who normally serves Blue Bell as the basis of most of her ice cream treats, says business hasn’t been affected by the recall. Gray said they’re using Glenview Farms Ice Cream in the meantime. While there haven’t been any complaints, customers still ask about the Blue Bell, so Gray’s soda fountain has been offering one free topping to make up for the absence of Blue Bell, but Gray says they’ll stock up as soon as they start producing again.

And if you want to go hyper-local, there are a couple of home-grown shops in Hays County that make their own ice cream – Rhea’s Ice Cream in San Marcos and the Big Drip in Dripping Springs.


A new old Texas tradition

The Adams Extract Company, has been in operation in Texas since 1905 (with a location on the northern side of Buda from 1955-2002) – two years before Blue Bell opened its doors in Brenham, but it’s only been this past year that Adams started commercially producing  ice cream.

An Adams representative stated in a Facebook post that their business decision had nothing to do with  the Blue Bell recall. “We made our decision to launch our first three items late last year in time for the early 2015 summer ice cream season,” according to the post. “We never dreamed that our friends at Blue Bell would be having the difficulties they are having, and are heartbroken for the difficulties that their company, community and loyal customers are having as a result. We are praying for their Owners, Leaders and Employee in hopes that they recover quickly.”

The three flavors of Adams Ice Cream are vanilla, chocolate chip cookie dough and pecan pie.


What Facebook followers had to say

We asked Facebook followers what their second (or first) favorite ice cream is next to Blue Bell. Out of 36 commenters, the results went something like this:

Creamy Creations: 9

Blue Bell (and no other): 6

Adams: 3

Haagen Daaz: 2

Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia: 2

Amys: 2

Breyers: 2

Baskin Robbins Cherries Jubilee: 1

Dreyers: 1

Costco: 1

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