How satisfied are HCISD employees? Survey says yes, mostly

By Kim Hilsenbeck

Sixty percent of the district’s 2,208 employees took part in a recent survey that tapped into every campus and the district headquarters. The survey goal was to gauge staff members’ satisfaction with the district. 

Questions related to employee engagement in their work and for those at a campus, the educational climate at the school where they work. One survey goal was to identify ways to improve engagement among faculty and staff.

K12 Insight, a third-party vendor, conducted the research earlier this year. The same firm conducted the 2015 parent/community survey and the student survey.  At the May 2015 Board meeting, K12 Insight presented its findings to the Hays CISD Board of Trustees.  

These results reflect only the perceptions and opinions of the 1,323 individuals who responded to the survey, not all Hays CISD employees.

Two-thirds of the Hays CISD employees who participated in the district survey were teachers. Thirteen percent were paraprofessionals. The remainder included instructional aides, non-Instructional Campus Professionals (RN, Counselor, etc.), campus and district administrators, clerical staff and auxiliary support.



Overall, 79 percent (48% strongly agreed and 31% agreed) of employees who participated indicated they enjoy working for their supervisor or principal. Just over 85 percent (44% strongly agreed and 42% agreed) are motivated to contribute more than what is expected.

More than 90 percent of employees surveyed (39% strongly agreed and 52% agreed) believe their current duties and work assignments are interesting.

Ninety percent (38% strongly agreed and 52 percent agreed) they are satisfied with the work they do.

About 80 percent (32% strongly agreed and 46% agreed) agreed they are proud to work for Hays CISD.

Eighty-two percent (32% strongly agreed and 50% agreed) of those surveyed said working for a public school system gives them a feeling of accomplishment. 

Of those who participated in the survey, 71 percent (27% strongly agreed and 44% agreed) said they would feel comfortable referring a good friend to work for this district.

When asked if there are long-term career opportunities for professional growth at Hays CISD, just under 60 percent of those surveyed agreed (22% strongly agreed and 37% agreed).


Data by school level

In every section of the employee survey, those at the elementary school level gave higher scores than their counterparts at middle and high schools.

This indicates that elementary school level employees are more engaged in their work than middle and high school employees.

For example, in an engagement composite score, 84 percent of Hays CISD employee surveyed are engaged (31% highly engaged, 53% engaged) at work. 

That figure climbs to 88 percent (33% highly and 53% engaged) for elementary level employees, compared to 80 percent (21% highly engaged and 51% engaged) for secondary school employees. (see chart, page 4B)


Compensation results

The data shows that Hays CISD employees rated their compensation satisfaction lower than other elements of employee engagement, such as work environment, shared values, school leadership, communication and instructional support.

For example, when asked if the district’s total salary and benefits package meets their needs, 67 percent did not agreed (44% disagreed and 23% strongly disagreed). About 32 percent agreed or strongly agreed.

In terms of being competitive with other districts, 73 percent Hays CISD employees who took the survey do not agree (47% disagreed and 26% strongly disagreed).

Just under half of surveyed employees said they disagreed that the Hays CISD benefit package meets their needs (32% disagreed and 16 strongly disagreed).

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