Short-term Fischer bridge still on hold

By Paige Lambert

The temporary Fischer Store bridge was put on hold and discussed in executive session as a result of difficulty obtaining right-of-ways near the area.

“The bottom line is we are ready to go with the project,” Commissioner Will Conley said. “We need cooperation from landowners to make it happen.”

The county needs to obtain more right-of-way to have room for the construction of a temporary bridge while building the permanent bridge.

Conley said the permanent project is progressing and construction should start around October or early November. The project is set for completion in nine months, he said.

The temporary bridge construction would take around a month, Jerry Borcherding, director of transportation, said. 

“We could’ve done this a month and a half ago,” Conley said. “There certainly will come a time when a short term project is no longer viable because the long term project is so far ahead.” 

Hays County Judge Bert Cobb said the temporary project still needs to be pursued because of weather and safety concerns.

“We are the flash flood alley,” Cobb said. “It’s really important we get that bridge in place as soon as possible so the long term bridge can be safely built and in a timely manner.”


Conservation Plan Application fees 

Commissioners approved an application fee schedule for the Hays County Regional Habitat Conservation Plan.

The fees would help determine the habitat and conservation needs for La Cima developers.

Cobb said the plan is the best alternative to set aside land for habitat conservation.

“And it stays in the control of Hays County and we are getting paid for that process,” Cobb said. “It allows people to responsibility develop in Hays County.”


Jail report

A report showed 59 Hays County inmates are being held at facilities in other counties, with 17 in Walker County.

The jail recently started transporting inmates to Walker County citing that it is cheaper, transportation-wise.

“People going to Walker County are on a one-way trip; they will be housed at a much less expense than we can house them here and they will take a short ride across the road to the state prison,” Cobb said. “And that is saving the taxpayers a lot of money.”

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