Kyle updates flood cleanup information for affected residents


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The City of Kyle is asking residents dealing with flood damage to move what they can to the curb.

According to the city's website, the city is currently working on a method to remove damaged items from neighborhoods. The city will post information on removing damaged items "as soon as possible." The information is for anyone within the city limits. 

The city working with Texas Disposal Systems to place roll-off containers around Kyle for disposal of flood damaged property.

Two roll-off containers are currently located at Brent Boulevard by Fuentes Elementary and Hallie Drive by Steeplechase Park

According to the city, three more additional roll-offs will be placed at different locations across town on Monday. That includes roll-off containers at Moreno Street at the south end by the railroad tracks, the Lake Kyle parking lot and Lynn Drive at Twin Cove on Monday.

The city asks residents to not leave items if there is not a dumpster to receive them.

In addtion, the city asks residents to not place regular household garbage, food items or other organic waste, or chemicals, household cleaners, liquids or other hazardous materials in the containers. They also ask residents to not leave items on the ground. If the container is full, the city asks residents to return after it has been serviced. 

Any resident who is unable to transport flood damaged property to a dumpster, the city asks those residents to email the City of Kyle with their address and a description of the materials and a rough estimate of how much.

Reporting Damaged Property:

Information about any damaged property in the unincorporated area of Hays County or in any city except San Marcos should be sent to and should include


  • Address of damaged property and owner’s name
  • Type of damage
  • Depth of any water in building(s)

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