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Preserve Onion Creek

I learned to swim in Onion Creek.  My dad, Doc McCormick, even forged Onion Creek one stormy night to deliver a baby.  My own 14 grandchildren delight in fishing and swimming in the creek.  They love nothing more than swinging on a rope from one of the big cypress trees into the creek.   My concern is the proposed wastewater discharge into the creek from Dripping Springs could put an end to fishing and swimming in the creek.     Water quality experts warn that the phosphates and nitrates present in treated wastewater could cause a huge algae bloom.  The thought of green algae growing in Onion Creek is appalling.

We are neighbors here in Driftwood to the Salt Lick Restaurant, the Creekside Wedding Venue and Fall Creek Winery’s Tasting Room.   Although all three are commercial endeavors, they have been extremely considerate in protecting the creek.  My hometown of Buda was faced with the same issue of wastewater discharge and chose an alternative plan so as not to deposit their wastewater in Onion Creek. 

May I speak for those of us with deep roots in Hays County?  I love that Dripping Springs is the “Gateway to the Hill Country.”  So let’s do the right thing and not pollute one of the most pristine creeks in the Hill Country.  Please consider our blessing of a pristine creek and seek alternatives.  Might there be a substantial amount of land near the discharge plant that could use irrigated water in our drought-prone area?

My neighbor Sidney Jones put it best, “We just want to work with you to find the best solutions possible.” 

Debbie McCormick Vacek

Driftwood, Texas

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