Who do you trust?

In reference to the front page article, i.e. Tommy Ratliff’s accusation against Sheriff Cutler, I have several questions.

Did Mr. Ratliff witness the events he mentions. Or was it heresay?

Why did Mr. Ratliff leave West, TX under a cloud?

After being appointed Sheriff by the Commissioners Court after Allen Bridges suddenly died, why did Mr. Ratliff NOT honor the agreement that Sheriff Bridges had with the City of Buda? The agreement was the county would provide extra patrol – for pay – for the City of Buda.

Mr. Ratliff has not been elected to office in Hays County.

I have known Sheriff Gary Cutler for many years and trust him to continue to uphold and enforce the laws in Hays County and elsewhere. Who do you trust?

Thank you,

Tommy Poer

Buda, TX

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