Newsbriefs: Feb. 17, 2016

Kyle to approve Transportation Master Plan

Kyle took another step in working toward its Transportation Master Plan update as part of a public input meeting Thursday. 

The project, organized by Gap Strategies and designed by Lockwood Andrews and Newnam (LAN), has been in development since March 2015. The project details a 30 year transportation plan improvements to Kyle roadways

Jeff Barton, spokesperson for Gap Strategies, said the plan addresses “all facets of transportation for Kyle in the future.”

He said it includes “sidewalks and bikes, to transit and certain things that might be needed in that area.” 

The primary focus of the plan concerns automobiles, roadways, and traffic conditions. 

But those involved in the project estimate changes to roadways and sidewalks will encourage conversation regarding additional modes of transportation. That could include conversations regarding the Capital Area Rural Transportation Service (CARTS) or ride sharing programs like UBER. 

With the help of Gap Strategies and its community outreach initiatives, LAN based its recommendations to the city on the needs and concerns of Kyle citizens. Those concerns included everything from peak commuting times to safety on sidewalks. 

David Manuel, project leader with LAN, says they identified a “long range look” at transportation needs of the city and comprised a menu of options for Kyle, if the update is approved. 

The TMP is slated to be submitted to the Kyle City Council for approval or denial in late February. 

But talk of possible changes to Kyle roadways had one citizen concerned. 

Juanita Parsons attended the meeting to determine whether the new transportation plan would affect the trees on her land. 

She was concerned that she might lose some of the ancient oak trees on her property due to widening of traffic lanes, if the plan is approved. 


Kyle recalls license plate reader program

The Kyle City Council Tuesday rescinded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Vigilant Solutions, Inc. for installation of License Plate Recognition technology in three Police Department vehicles. 

Council rescinded the MOU by a 6-1 vote with council member David Wilson casting the dissenting vote. 

 “This is a neat product and this is a great thing, but it’s a little too ‘big-brother’-ish for me and a little to invasive for me,” Councilmember Daphne Tenorio said. “I’m uncomfortable with it…for me personally, I can’t justify it.” 

A full story on Kyle’s decision to pull the plug on the Vigilant Solutions agreement can be found here.

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