Walking for a cause: Hays CISD gears up for Relay for Life


Due to field conditions at Barton Middle School, Saturday's Relay for Life event has been moved to Lobo Field at Lehman High

By Moses Leos III

After taking on the role of head nurse at Barton Middle School in 2014, Christi Chabarria learned about the trials her predecessor Suzie Kana had battling skin cancer.

Kana, who was diagnosed with the illness years ago and fought it into remission, learned her cancer had returned.

Chabarria and many others at Barton were so moved by Kana’s second bout with cancer, they created a team, called “Kana’s Kids,” in her honor for the 2016 Relay for Live event that will be held at Barton Saturday.

Chabarria, who is the captain of the Kana’s Kids team, said supporting Barton’s beloved nurse was something she and many others were ready to take on.

“Knowing how this campus was affected when she was diagnosed again, it felt natural to step into the role and raise money in her honor and support her,” Chabarria said.

Relay for Life is a nationwide event, according to Chabarria, that is a celebration for people who have fought and overcome cancer.

Chabarria said the event is a time for remembrance of those who have passed from cancer, but also a way to raise funds for the American Cancer Society for cancer research.

While the event is meant to remember and honor those who have fought or passed from cancer, Chabarria said keeping festivities fun is the theme.

From “theme laps,” to having a Mr. and Ms. Relay contest, to having a tug-of-war between competing teams, Chabarria said the event features a “party atmosphere.” She said there are a “lot of different, fun events like that going through the night.”

At the end of the evening, participants light luminarias in remembrance of those who have passed away due to cancer.

“It’s not a serious thing at all. There are a lot of games. There is one small part that is serious,” Chabarria said.

Joining Kana’s Kids will be other teams created by people from the Buda, Kyle and San Marcos area.

 According to Chabarria, several teams have been created at different campuses across Hays CISD.

But fundraising isn’t limited to the event itself. At Barton, Chabarria said fundraising for Relay for Life is a “big thing for us” and that it’s a “constant push all year.”

From selling raffle tickets, to duct taping an administrator to the wall, Chabarria said Barton has worked to fundraise for Relay for Life in a variety of ways. She said other campuses also take their own approaches to fundraising.

But honoring and supporting Kana, who was the nurse at Barton for 20 years, continues to resonate with Chabarria.

In addition, she participates to remember those in her family who have been affected by caner.

“Everyone I’ve talked to says it’s a lot of fun,” Chabarria said. “It’s a common cause to support those who have fought cancer, and remember those who died and raise money to fight cancer.”


Get ready to relay!

Lehman High School is located at 1700 Lehman Road in Kyle

Event starts at 4 p.m. and ends at midnight

Free and open to the public

See more info here.

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