Tenant structure on hold in Kyle Village

By Bailey Buckingham

The Planning and Zoning Commission held a meeting Tuesday evening and voted to postpone the approval of Kyle Village’s Conditional Use Permit. 

Sac-N-Pac, the applicant, is seeking a permit to construct a 17,263 square foot, one-story, multi-tenant structure. The structure will be located along the Interstate 35 southbound frontage road with frontages along I-35, Old Highway 81 South and East Lockhart Street.

“It (the building) only fronts the I-35 frontage road and shows the back of the building as basically bare,” said a resident during the citizens’ comment period. “I think if we allow companies to come in and not develop the back side of the road then we will lose a whole side of the road that other businesses can come into and develop.”

Kirt Brumley, Sac-N-Pac representative, said he doesn’t think it would be possible to have a building without a back. 

Commissioner Michael Rubsam, Seat 6, said the commission is very unhappy with how the back of the building is presented on Highway 81. 

“I would like to see something that looks more presentable,” Rubsam said. “Maybe some architectural features, something that makes it look like a frontage. It’s going to have some masonry on it so that it looks a whole lot better than it does. I don't think it will meet our standards when it comes to the back of the building. It is not visually appealing.” 

Commissioner Bradley Growt, Seat 3, said he fears the back of the building will look like an alleyway. 

Rubsam then suggested Brumley re-access the development plans and come back for approval at the July 26 P&Z meeting. 

The commissioners unanimously voted to postpone the approval for the Conditional Use Permit. 

Commissioners Lori Huey, Seat 2, and Dex Ellison, Seat 1, were not present.

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