Cash Cow vs. Sacrificial Lamb

Dripping Springs has applied to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) for a permit to potentially dump up to 950,000 gallons of treated effluent into Onion Creek, daily. This is their solution to their rapid growth. Reasonable folks would agree that this seems a shortsighted solution to a long term problem. 

I don’t live there, don’t get to vote there. (I live downstream where I get to deal with the coming effluent). I met the mayor and the rest of the city council recently when I spoke at their last meeting. Yes, I was emotional; I take issue with this plan, and it feels very personal. If this plan comes to fruition, my way of life, how I live on and enjoy my property will unquestionably be affected. A lack of respect and concern to all who spoke out against this wastewater plan that evening was expressed by Mayor Todd Purcell.

Does Purcell speak for all of Dripping Springs? I am guessing that he speaks for the Economic Development Committee. See the make-up of this committee on the DS website. Their combined savvy and powerful connections are impressive.  A banker, an attorney, an architect, a multi-millionaire entrepreneur, a former state legislator, and one with former ties to Perry’s now famous Emerging Technology Fund. 

Back to wastewater plans. Numerous studies show the serious negative impact this would have, not only to our much beloved Onion Creek, but also to ground water in both the Trinity and Edwards aquifers. Wells supplying both individual landowners and numerous communities downstream, (as well as the Dripping Springs Water Corp.’s own wells!) will be at serious risk for contamination. If you live (and vote) in Dripping Springs, we need your voices heard now. 

The next Dripping Springs City Council meeting is at  7 p.m. July 12th at City Hall, 511 Mercer St., Dripping Springs.  If this concerns you, come make your voice heard! (Come early if you wish to sign up to make a public comment.)

Cynthia Trotter-Weynandt

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