Main Street road estimates delayed

By Samantha Smith

A decision on Main Street improvements remained beyond the Buda City Council’s reach Tuesday after a joint presentation from HDR Engineering, Inc. and Klotz and Associates failed to produce cost estimates associated with proposed improvements.

Council tabled discussion pending further information regarding cost estimates for a proposed Goforth Road/Cabela’s Drive connector. 

Allen Crozier of HDR and project designer Kevin Hoffman from Klotz presented council with options they had tested through a current traffic analysis. They felt the options may alleviate congestion now, but would fail to accommodate traffic congestion for future growth.

Hoffman presented the proposed Goforth Road improvement and new connector, which may lessen Main Street congestion by 10 percent. 

Various council members were disappointed that financials weren’t available. 

But council believed the Goforth connector could alleviate congestion issues and potentially save heritage oaks downtown. 

“We solve the problem, we save the trees, and we alleviate congestion on Main Street,” Haehn said.

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