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Many conversations are ongoing around the City of Dripping Springs’ pursuit of a necessary discharge permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in order to expand our wastewater treatment facility. It’s a complex topic of great interest to many in our community and for good reason.  It is also a topic that has initiated a difficult, but necessary dialogue throughout the area and, in particular, at City Council meetings. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify a comment I made at the Council meeting on June 14th in regard to the proposed wastewater expansion and discharge permit. At that meeting, I said, “If we are going to put water into the aquifer, we need to pull the permit.” Citizens have brought up that comment on multiple occasions since the meeting.  And, I did, in fact, say exactly that. However, I should have been more careful with the words I chose to use.

What I should have said is, “If the discharge permit is going to negatively impact the quality of water in the aquifer, then we should re-evaluate disposal options.” 

I call this out for two reasons: one, as I mentioned, several community members have brought up my statement, so, I wanted simply to clarify my position; and two: I stand firmly behind the plan the City is moving forward with to address our growing wastewater challenges. I am confident in the science and the many years of research and analysis that has been performed. 

I know this a complicated and emotional discussion, and it should be grounded in facts. To that end, my offer still stands:  City staff and I are willing to meet with any interested stakeholder in the community to further discuss this issue.  Thank you for the opportunity to clarify my statement from the City Council meeting on June 14.

Mayor Todd Purcell

Dripping Springs

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