Delays possible for Kyle road projects

By Bailey Buckingham

Weather delays could possibly push back the start of construction on a trio of Kyle road bond projects, according to city officials. 

It comes as the city is attempting to complete construction on a portion of Goforth Road prior to the start of classes at Fuentes Elementary School. 

Kyle City Engineer Leon Barba updated council on progress of road bond roads. While some are almost complete, the Bunton Creek project, the Goforth extension project and the Lehman Road project could be delayed. 

“This has not been determined at this time yet as we are working with our contractor on Goforth Road to see how we can expedite the project in spite of the weather delays and conflicts with the existing utilities,” Barba said. 

Barba said the city is concerned about the start of the 2016-2017 Hays CISD school year that’s rapidly approaching. While Fuentes Elementary resumes classes on August 22, Barba said teachers arrive on campus a week prior. 

He said they are working to ensure the teachers will have access into the school and construction will not be an issue for them. 

What’s going on with Kyle’s road bond projects?

Marketplace Avenue

Project substantially complete. The city is waiting on two quotes from the contractor for additional work related to the project.

Goforth Road

Delays caused by weather (over three weeks) and conflicts with existing utilities. Focus is on completing the section of the road in front of Fuentes Elementary prior to August 22. The Installation of a storm drain is not complete due to utility conflicts. This drain is critical to have in place due to the Bunton Creek Road project needing to tie in that drainage system. 

Goforth Road Extension (Philomena Drive)

Expected start date is late October. This date will be confirmed pending the contractor’s progress on Goforth Road. 

Bunton Creek

Six bids were received on July 18. An unofficial low base bid is from Aaron Construction in the amount of $3,944,225. The engineers estimate was $3.8 million. The scheduled start date is late September or early October. The storm drain on Goforth Road needs to be completed in order to tie in a portion of the drainage system on Bunton Creek Road. 

Burleson Street 

100 percent of Plans and Project manual submitted. Acquisition of parcels is currently underway. The estimated letting is scheduled for November 2016. The construction timeline is 18 months and the construction estimate is $9 million.

Lehman Road

Plan revisions are underway. Right-of-Way appraisals and acquisition has started, though none have been acquired yet. The estimated start date is March 2017. The construction timeline is 15 months and the estimate is $5.1 million. 

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