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hat a thrill it was to see both Phil Jones and John Young whining side by side as separated duos in Hays Free Press last week. 

These both, who disdain conservatism to its core, were once again decrying the injustices of America in race and the political process. Reading the OP page from left to right, our champion of uncovering racial inequality, Phil Jones, decries the white privilege of having little fear that “whities” feel when detained by the police as opposed to the “fear for their lives” blacks (no mention of Latinos here) harbor in an equivalent situation. Well, maybe, just maybe, the advice of a black comedian I heard made sense. I paraphrase: When pulled over by the police, don’t get arrogant,combative, and disrespectful. ‘Yes sir’ and ‘no sir’ have always worked very well in the past. And after a few years of  homies not driving around with drugs in their car and automatic firearms still smoking from shooting at bystanders and their houses, maybe the police just might begin to leave you alone. 

It seems to me that the greatest problem from which 90%+ of the black problems originate is the breakdown of the family in which only 20% of children are born to married parents. And with few older males in the house to show male youths acceptable behavior, their only lessons come from the streets. There seems to be a few rare, strong-willed female run households who insist that their children maintain high educational standards – education being a major way of getting out of the cycle of criminal behavior. In conclusion, if the black communities would police themselves and discourage irrational social behavior, the police would one day get used to the idea of minority youths driving a car on their way to healthy activities.  

 But Phil doesn’t see things that way. He wants things to be wrong, even if only in his mind. He has a social worker (which he is) mentality. His progressive ilk demands faultless victims so that he may feel good about himself that he can be the instrument to tell the world of the oppression that is so intrinsic in this decadent, racially biased America. 

 John Young also is at war with reality. I glean from his writing that he’s a Trump hater when he should be grateful. On and on he rants about the evils of the Republican nominee without saying anything about his opponent, Ms. Hillary. The ultimately esteemed God/ man once said, “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world yet suffer the loss of his soul.” 

We don’t know yet about Trump in this regard. He could be standing on the precipice of this selling of the soul for power, but it’s obvious to anyone who respects reality that Hillary is already at the bottom of this abyss. If Hillary, with all her strong intimations of greed and abuse of political power, were running against a normal candidate, she would be a stain in the dirt after the election. 

For name recognition Trump has no advantage over Clinton, but he, infinitely more than she, is mining the disgust and discontent Americans feel for the shenanigans of Wash DC, the business as usual. As it is, John Young should be grateful for Trump, a gaffe –prone ninny who eclipses Joe Biden, and who has the oratorical skills of a 5th grader giving a book report; who, when forgetful of pertinent material for his yada yada, fills our ears with broken record adverbs ie. “very very”.. and others. 

At times Trump seems to be doing his very best to help Hillary, and has a knack for creating controversy out of thin air. His gaffes and kerfuffles always seem to take the spotlight off her own serious troubles (see National Review, Aug 1, p.24,25 “Crabapple Clinton”). Yet there is no joy in Clintonville. Her supporters like Young wish that they had more enthusiasm for their candidate, and how can they when one scandal after another erupts and is slowly but conspicuously swept under the rug. Hillary is bone tired and is due a mental breakdown in the near future. Her main drive comes from her attitude that it’s her time – time to elect a woman. Not because she’d make a good president, but it’s just her time. What credentials! 


Ray Wolbrecht is retired from his dental practice in Kyle. He still reads his emails and his newspapers.



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