No bad blood, just dirty water

Regarding the article “Buda backs opposition to discharge permit” dated July 27th 2016, I want to be clear that there isn’t any bad blood between The City Buda and Drippings Springs or between myself and Mayor Todd Purcell. Mayor Purcell and I had a very productive phone conversation this week. We spoke about Buda’s opposition to the discharge permit and quotes that I had made in the article. Perhaps I was a bit harsh when describing our relationship and could have chosen my words more wisely. Mayor Purcell told me he fully understands my point of view and understands that as mayors we have to lookout for the best interests of our individual constitutes. Mayor Purcell has graciously invited me to Drippings Springs to meet with him later this month to discuss their TCEQ permit and other regional matters. I would like to thank Mayor Purcell for addressing my concerns and look forward to working with him in the future.

Todd Ruge,
Mayor of Buda

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