I volunteer to be Czar of Immigration

In a previous issue my compadre essayist and opinionologist, Clint Younts, laments the fact that the two major candidates for president may both be “non compos mentis” for the responsibilities and stresses of the POTUS position. An alternate choice for POTUS just might be himself, whom he suggests as a write in. I have to agree that this cowpie kicker has had an abundance of time to figure out what makes sense while strolling his fields and pulling his goats’ heads out of the fence. Out of 320 million people in the USA, is the best we can come up with to lead us is a security risk and liar (Hillary), and a guy whose outfit would be complete if he had a big red nose and a pair of floppy shoes (Trump)? I say it’s time for Clint to make his move. And I want to help bear the burden he shoulders when elected. I volunteer to be his Immigration Czar.

You see, take politics out of the equation altogether and things make more sense. It’s a fact that we need people with a work ethic that seems to be lacking in certain segments of our government-coddled populace. When one is paid to not work, he probably won’t. Without the stresses of an empty stomach, a job is the last thing likely to be coveted. So we need immigrants. 

But history gives us examples of the harm which befalls a country when it imports cheap labor. Take South Africa, Israel, the 13 colonies of North America and present day Europe.  

When the Dutch migrated to South Africa, there were no people there other than a sparce number of aboriginal nomads. So they went north and brought in cheap labor (“The Covenant” by James Michner). The laborers, with their higher birthrates, soon outnumbered the Dutch landowners and soon adopted the idea that they were there first. The Arabic Palestinians in Israel originally came from Turkey, Jordan, Syria, and beyond to work for Israelis, who bought the land from Arabic sheiks in the 1860s and made it productive after hundreds of years of overgrazing and mismanagement. (“The Haj” by Leon Uris). Now the Palestinians assert that they were there first and there is no historical record of the Jews ever being in Israel. And everyone knows the past and present curse and curses the original colonies brought to our shores by the slave trade.

 Keeping that in mind, I offer my platform for Immigration Czar. Each non-citizen alien person entering the country shall:

1. Pay $2,500 upon entry and per year as a fee for each working member. Coyotes charge twice that and it’ll take the teeth away from human trafficking. The $2,500 will pay for a passport, driver’s liability insurance, and emergency health care.

2. Leave a DNA sample and fingerprints with the U.S. authorities, both which will be compared to crime scene evidence.

3. Work within a six-county area, and if his job prospects change, he shall go to any U.S. post office and re-register his new location.

4. No more birthright citizenship.

5. Pay half tuition at public schools for each child they bring with them. (The Supreme Court’s dictate that we have to educate every child, no matter if citizen or not is one of the worst things they ever did to a school district.) This is a compromise favoring all involved.

6. After 10 months working, the working person must return to his homeland for two months after which time his reapplication to enter the USA will be granted automatically if there are no violations to the above, or crimes committed.

This is merely a formant for greater development. The present administration’s philosophy on immigration, among other actions, is ruining our country. A change in policy must happen.


Ray Wolbrecht is retired from his dental practice in Kyle. He still reads his emails and his newspapers.



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