He is certainly wrong

Am I the only one who finds columnist Ray Wolbrecht offensive? I never expected to see regular publication by a bigot in the Free Press. It appears the great orange racist bigot at the top of the Republican ticket has given Mr. Wolbrecht permission to come out of the closet, were he ever in it. “Czar of Immigration”. That’s scary. The “curse” then and today which resulted from kidnapping and bringing slaves into America? Ray, you do realize they didn’t buy one-way fares here in the hope that generations later their descendents would possibly fall on hard times and qualify for temporary government benefits don’t you? And the Black Lives Matter people are encouraging “burning, rioting, and all sorts off lawlessness”. Really, again? 

See, Ray, you and I, our lives already matter. Have always mattered. Maybe they should just add on “too”. Black Lives Matter TOO. Get it? See, I never had to coach my son to keep his hands on the steering wheel during a traffic stop, not to put his foot out of the car, lest he be body slammed to the road.  Not to worry about changing lanes to get out of the way of an emergency vehicle without using his turn signal. 

In case you’re wondering, as I am sure you are about now, I’m white, educated and so fortunate. I don’t have to listen and watch the hate being spewed out about people of color on Fox and Radio Limbaugh. But by golly, don’t ruin my local newspaper. With a newspaper so small, you're hard to ignore. And yes Ray, “You May Be Wrong”.

Pam Rey


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