Levity rises in Pct. 2 Constable debate

By Samantha Smith

Monday’s Hays County Precinct 2 Constable debate between incumbent James Kohler and candidate Michael Torres brought the audience to laughter amidst the sincerity of the event.

Both candidates had an opportunity to introduce themselves before the moderator asked any questions, with Kohler addressing the audience as if the room were filled with old friends. 

Kohler said he has been “doing a good job and plans to keep doing a good job” as Pct. 2 Constable.

Torres, during his introduction, disagreed that his opponent was doing the job well and said it is time for a change that he feels he can bring to the office.

When answering a question regarding improvements to the office, Kohler said he intends to make all departments better within law enforcement Torres said he intends on doing all the Constable’s normal duties of serving legal notices as well as creating a patrol unit to have a greater visual presence within the community.

On a question about whether or not racial profiling exists in Hays County, Torres answered that he “doesn’t see it in Hays County.” 

Kohler said his opponent must be “blind” if he doesn’t see the truth of racial profiling.

Both Kohler and Torres said improved training and more community involvement was the best way to address issues with officers. 

On why they want the Pct. 2 position, Torres said it’s time for a change in the office and he’s the person to do it.

Kohler inspired more laughter from the audience with his closing statement to voters. 

“If you don’t like me then don’t vote for me, if you do like me then vote for me. I’m still going to do my damn job,” Kohler said.

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