Locker room, deer lease talk


itting around a campfire one evening, a candidate for Texas governor joked about a subject that women fear and take very seriously. I refuse to quote it because it makes me kinda sick. That comment by Clayton Williams derailed his campaign and Ann Richards became governor. 

Dismissed as merely locker room talk, the comments made by T(rump) are beneath a gentleman. Made 11 years ago, he says, they do not belie the way he feels now. I’d like to be his speechwriter for his apology. “Yes, I said that eleven years ago but I was drunk and didn’t mean it. Sorry.”

I got a secret for you, especially for you women. In their younger years, guys talk trash like that but we weren’t stupid enough to say it in front of a video camera. In the high school hallway boys would sometimes speak of such things but when an adult or a girl came up we automatically shut it down. Since the ’70s, women joined the men in such talk, unknowingly taking themselves off that pedestal, which in a way controlled men’s behavior. Why do guys talk like that? It’s because of immaturity and a crassness we are born with. But many of us grow out of it as sex is gradually replaced (Oh No!) with food and good books we’ve read. (I did say gradually). You’d think T(rump) would’ve done this by his late 50s when he said it, but he chose to remain stunted. Maybe he didn’t hear what the Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 13:11. “When I was a child I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. But when I became a man I put away the ways of childhood behind me.” 

Making much use of this, the other side is as much or more hypocritical. They complain of this “war on women” in which conservatives refuse to give them everything they want, like respect. Girls, respect is what you lost, not what was taken from you. Either way, it still doesn’t give men the right to abuse women. On TV women exceed the men often in the use of the “F”, the “C”, and the poo poo word. I saw a few minutes of HBO’s “Veep,” starring Julia Lewis Dreyfuss, of whom I USED to regard in high esteem. F this and F that all over the place. What a disappointment. The Hollywood types (both genders) even insert it between the holiest of names – Jesus Christ. I feel pity for the script writers and the actors for surely they do not know what they are doing. (See Philippians 2: 6-11). The Off switch is designed for these situations

 Hillary, as some secret service men have written, is no stranger to the F-word. Her tirades are well known in which half the words are delete worthy. She just hasn’t been caught on camera yet. Saying that any accusation from a woman toward the improprieties of a man should be heard and believed, who was part of the team that called Paula Jones a liar, trailer trash and a bimbo, and later paid her $850K out of court to make the case go away. War on women by conservatives?  Yeah, right!

 Even more egregious in the liberals’ war on women is their position on the government-funded killing of fetuses. If that isn’t war I do not know what is. Sure, it’s a woman’s health issue. 

 We have two of the most black-hearted candidates running for office in recent history, even surpassing LBJ, Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon. 

The time is long overdue for “None of the Above” to be on the ballot. 


Ray Wolbrecht is retired from his dental practice in Kyle. He owns up to his own views and writes his column without the help of any newspaper staff. He likes to jab at different ideas and welcomes discussions.

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