Texans fend off Yellow Jackets 35-16

With injuries to key members of their offense, the Wimberley Texans turned to defensive specialist Thomas Carruthers to bolster their backfield and secure a 35-16 win over the Llano Yellow Jackets Friday at Texan Stadium

The defensive end ended the night with 167 yards and two touchdowns on only eight carries. What made the statistics even more astounding was the fact that 153 of his yards and two of his touchdowns came on a combined three rushing attempts.

Carruthers entered the game with eight carries and 52 total rushing yards.

“We all know he can do a great job, but since he does play a lot of defense, we kind of just roll him in there, and he might not always get as many carries as these other guys get,” Wimberley head coach Doug Warren said. “But tonight man, why not give it to that guy? Every time he touched it something great happened.”

When asked about this dominant performance, Carruthers said that he actually considers himself a defender at heart. He then lauded the play of his teammates in the win.

“My line was blocking really well for me,” Carruthers said. “It helps a lot when I have a big ol’ hole to run in. So they helped a lot.”

Other key offensive contributors include wide receiver Colby Crowder and junior quarterback Jordan Weeks who both rushed for a touchdown. 

Texan center Eddie Warner reciprocated the gratitude, complimenting Carruthers’ work ethic on and off the field, but wanted it to be clear that he’s a very important piece of the Texans defense.

“We need him on defense for sure,” Warner said. “But, when we get him into our ace package and he’s able to cut it up like he did tonight, it does make our job easier.”

While Carruthers’ play highlighted the night, the Wimberley defense equally stepped up to the task. 

If not for two untimely fumbles by the offense, the Texan defense was poised for a shutout.

The Texans secondary completely shut down Llano’s passing game, forcing them to become a one dimensional team. 

Llano’s quarterback Ben Wailing completed one pass for longer than ten yards on the day. Llano, which fell into an early deficit, struggled to make a comeback. 

“Defense all year long has been lights out,” Warren said. “We knew Llano was going to be a big physical team and try to run it downhill on us and we knew it was gonna pose us some problems at times, but give credit to the defense. They never break, they just hang in there and keep fighting.”

After Carruthers’ performance, one would think it would alter the Texans’ game plan going into their most competitive game. Warren, however, preferred to stick with the process that’s gotten them to where they are. 

With that being said, the coach doesn’t fail to realize the weapons he has at his disposal. 

“I’m not real smart sometimes, but I also know when to give the ball to a guy that’s hot,” Warren said. 

The Wimberley Texans are back in action Friday as they take on their undefeated rivals, the Navarro Panthers. Game time is set for 7:30 in Navarro. 

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