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No election news from Mt. City

Ready for a refreshing break from election news?

Mountain City held no election this year. No election news here! (An alderman will soon be appointed by the City Council since there’s an empty seat. Attend Monday night’s meeting at 7 p.m. to hear what’s going on in city government.)

Mayor Tiffany Curnutt leaves office at this point. During her multiple terms on the Council, Tiffany set a new standard in open communication with the constituents. Tiffany set up an email communication system and sent a summary of each council meeting to all who opted in, usually within hours (sometimes, minutes). She led the council through some stressful times.

Thank you, Tiffany. Job well done.


Hours after running our Fire & Ice Festival, Penny Moulder was flying to Italy with Jerry Chanek. Their wining and dining stops included restaurants in Venice, Florence, Montalcino, Bologna, and Rome. They dabbled their toes in the ocean and visited tourist spots.

The box of wines that arrived from Venice after they got back home was not the label Penny ordered. Now, that’s something to wine about.

Meanwhile, Gary White and Verlenne Monroe had been gallivanting about all around the island of Ireland on a three-week holiday. They stayed in a real castle. In Glasthule, Gary got captured by the fine detail in a small parish church. He sipped on Ireland’s oldest ale, Smithwick’s. (“So much, much better than Guiness.”) Gary’s photographs include 6th-century monastic ruins at Glendalough, an abbey near Clifden, and Mount Usher Gardens.

Back in the USA, Joe and Diane Krejci enjoyed a fabulous trip with stops that included Hot Springs lunch, Grand Old Opry, Amish country, visit with family, Philly, NYC, Pensacola. Most of NY Diane liked.  She was fond neither of cabs in NYC nor Times Square. Diane loved Broadway and Radio City Music Hall.

Back in Mountain City, she dressed Lucy for Halloween in a Longhorns hoodie. Lucy, of course, is a dachshund. It was Diane’s idea, years ago, to start the Buda Lion’s Club Wiener Dog Races.

Diane tidbitted that she’d like to have the names of folks in Mountain City who are willing to dogsit (dropping in, not staying over). accepts such inquiries and responses. 

And way down near the end of Live Oak Drive, pollinators (mostly butterflies, some bees) have enjoyed ripe banana. Without pollinators, we have no food. I store overripe bananas in the freezer for sunny days during butterfly season. What refreshment and time for reflection they provide as they literally cover the banana and fill the air. Thank you, God.


I’d like to have some tidbits, please. Email (subject: tidbit) or leave a message at 512-268-5678.

Thanks!  Love, Pauline

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