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Texas cities top ‘Best of’ list for veterans

Veterans from across the country might have served the country as a whole, but when looking how veterans fare in various cities, Texas definitely holds four of the top ten cities as being the best for veterans.

WalletHub, an online  financial and statistics company, took a look at the top 100 cities and what kind of services each provided for veterans. The company looked at jobs available, economy, quality of life and health. 

Scottsdale, AZ scored the best overall of these categories. However, not surprising, Laredo came in second, followed by Plano in fourth place, Austin in fifth, and El Paso in sixth.

Farther down the list, San Antonio came in 21st, Arlington 23rd, Lubbock 24th, Fort Worth 25th and Dallas 31st, definitely keeping Texas in the upper level of veterans’ overall quality of life.

A few other interesting facts: Arlington and Plano tied with several other cities with the lowest veteran unemployment rate.

The cities with the lowest percent of veterans in poverty? Plano is first followed by Garland in second place.

What did the experts look at to put together this report? In the employment category, they considered the percentage of military skill-related jobs, veteran unemployment rate, rate of job growth and veteran-owned businesses.

Under the economy section, the report considered housing affordability, rate of veteran income growth and educational opportunities, among others.

The health report, of course, considered the number of VA benefits administration facilities per number of veterans, the quality of VA health facilities and percentage of delayed medical appointments.

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