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Buda Pl. 1 runoff election Dec. 13

Buda residents will get a second shot at deciding the Place 1 city council seat as candidates Lee Urbanovsky and John Hatch square off in the Dec. 13 runoff election.

The two will face off again after neither candidate generated more than 50 percent of the vote in the Nov. 8 general election.

But generating enough interest to get voters back out to the polls could be one of the greater challenges for both candidates. 

Hatch said Buda had a 70 percent turnout among residents for the Nov. 8 election, which was 7 percent higher than all of Hays County.

However, he said city elections traditionally see 10 percent turnout for regular elections and even less for runoff elections.

Both candidates have plans for getting the word out to voters to cast their ballot in December and they both involve a “boots on the ground” approach.

“We plan on calling people, meeting people to discuss the issues,” Hatch said.

“My plan is more of the same, really. Walking the streets , knocking on doors and talking to people,” Urbanovsky said.

In the midst of the negative rhetoric surrounding the outcome of the presidential race, the candidates for the Place 1 Buda City Council seat are more positive about their views on each other.

“I really enjoyed getting to know my opponents’ supporters,” Hatch said, “We were in the rain on Tuesday the 8th shaking hands and talking to folks and a tent blew over. People started jumping in to help from both sides of the ticket and it really showed democracy in action.”

Urbanovsky had similar warm sentiments to share about his opponent, saying “he’s passionate about talking to people about the issues.”

Both Hatch and Urbanovsky want voter support in December and made cases for why residents should vote them onto the city council. Hatch centered on his experience as a political strategist.

“Bottom line is my experience with my business and the City of Buda has already brought good economic growth to the City and I will continue to do so,” Hatch said.

Urbanovsky said his purpose behind running for the city council Place 1 seat was two pronged.

“I think I can represent the City of Buda better as a parent and someone who commutes to Austin for work as well as having the level of experience that I have in infrastructure planning and construction,” Urbanovsky said, “I’m not a politician so I’m very transparent.”

Early voting for runoff election
Nov. 28 to Dec. 9 at Buda City Hall

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