Confusion delays new Kyle utility fee

Debate continued on the creation of a Kyle Flood Risk Mitigation Department Tuesday as city leaders questioned the fee structure of the department.

The resulting discussion led the Kyle City Council to postpone a decision on the new utility department until December.

Concerns centered on the fee and fine structure that would go into effect should the utility gain authority to collect fees.

Kyle city leaders are proposing a $5 fee that would be added to residential customer utility bills to pay for the new department. However, several council members were concerned about how to assess fees for commercial customers.

Discussion also extended on whether commercial fees apply to undeveloped land, as well as to concerns about excessive fees.

Kyle flummoxed by existing housing authority

Kyle Mayor Todd Webster expressed surprise Tuesday over the discovery of the Kyle Housing Authority (KHA), which is an independent agency under the oversight of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The Kyle Housing Authority is supposed to have a board of directors appointed by the mayor. 

However, the outgoing executive director of the KHA has appointed members the last few years.

Webster appointed an interim board to govern the KHA while council learns the functions of the KHA.

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