Main St. projects move ahead

Buda city leaders Nov. 7 took a step toward finalizing designs for several key projects under Proposition 3 of the November 2014 bond.

By a unanimous vote, the Buda City Council approved a professional service agreement with RPS Klotz and Associates to finalize designs for three segments of the Main Street improvements project. Included was an amendment to finalize the design for improvements to Old Goforth Road.

Alan Crozier, a representative with HDR Engineering and Project Manager for all projects under Proposition 3, described the five segments of road included in the Main Street improvement bond projects.

Earlier this year, the Buda City Council approved the final design for Segments 1 and 2 of the project.

The agreement finalized design on Segments 3,4 and 5.

Due to the several overlapping Bond projects, the Design Workshop project team, which had been a part of the design process, recommended delaying the construction on Main Street projects until after the municipal building is complete. Overlapping bond projects include the construction of the new municipal and safety buildings, the parks improvements projects and the construction of the new wastewater treatment plant.

Design Workshop also recommended council hold on Segment 5, or the Cabelas Dr/Goforth Rd connector, following the result of Hays County’s Proposition 2 in the Nov. 8 election.

Council member Angela Kennedy, however, expressed her disappointment that the connector was not included in the final design plans.

She said one of the reasons Buda residents approved the bond projects was a promise from council to relieve traffic on roads.

“I am a little disappointed,” Kennedy said, “so we’re spending this $12 million without improving traffic in Buda at all. We’re improving the roadway, but the connector was meant to improve capacity on our roads.”

Crozier said if the design team waits to submit the final design, they could try and work out a deal with the county to construct the connector.

Mayor Todd Ruge agreed with Kennedy that waiting to build the connector wasn’t an option.

“Just because there’s some free money out there doesn’t mean we should wait. The cost that we’re going to pay traffic-wise by waiting all those years (for the Hays County Bond funding for connector) may not be worth it,” Ruge said.

Council member George Haehn mirrored comments on the need to include the Cabelas Dr./Goforth Rd. connector in the final design plans.

“I agree with Mrs. Kennedy. The discussion needs to stop and we need to get this done,” Haehn said.

Council member Bobby Lane requested that staff compile a timeline of all projects in progress in the area so council could determine the best way to “get from point A to point B.”

It is unknown at this time when construction on the Proposition 3 improvement projects will begin.

Main Street improvements include:

Segment 1: West of Cabela’s Drive to the Bradfield Park cross culverts
Segment 2: Bradfield Park cross culverts to Railroad Street
Segment 3: Railroad Street to Ash Street
Segment 4: Improvements to Goforth Road
Segment 5: Cabela’s Drive/Goforth Road connector

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