Appearance matters in home sales

Dear Terese,
I’m going to be listing my home over the holidays.  A friend has told me to spruce up the exterior of my home, specifically my siding.  Besides painting, what exterior treatments do you recommend?

Dear Mae,
There are several items you can address on the exterior of your home to improve the appearance and protect your investment.  Besides painting, if you have rock, stone, or brick, a good washing of dirt & bugs with a good scrub will help.   Be careful if you use power washing, it can strip off paint and seep thru old windows. If you have siding, not brick or stone, you’ll want to be extra cautious and take good care of the exterior of the home.  Keep foliage away from the home and make sure no plants are growing on any siding. Plants can trap moisture and allow insects and animals to infiltrate.  Check areas around windows and doors to see if water is getting in. Moisture can linger and eventually cause rotting or fungal growth.  Make sure those areas have been properly caulked or tuck pointed to prevent seepage.  Keep the gutters clean.  Don’t wait for the fall to clean your gutters, check several times year round.  If water gets back up, it could damage siding.

Dear Terese,
A friend told me my parent’s old home is a candidate for a “tear down”.  Why would anyone want to tear down a lovely old home?

Dear Dave,
It can be awkward to explain to a seller that has loved a property why it may be useful to market it as a “tear down”.  If the home needs a variety of major upgrades, electrical, plumbing, roofing, or foundation issues, renovations may cost more that the home is worth when evaluated against nearby comparable properties.  Some neighborhoods become more valuable for their locations and they may have very old homes.   Sometime buyers may prefer to build more contemporary homes in a prime location. Often these homes receive cash offers, which keeps bank appraisals, inspections, and repairs from becoming possible obstacles to overcome before closing.  The location, land, and simply the fact that improvements such as electrical, wastewater, and water availability are in place will add value. It is important to research the zoning, historic preservation, and building codes for property to help a buyer make an informed decision.  

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