Happy holidays from Mt. City

A belated Happy Thanksgiving! And, Joyous Advent Season!

I meld Thanksgiving and Christmas, giving thanks to God “for His unthinkable, indescribable, inexpressible gift.” (II Corinthians 9:15)

Words in Dr. Denison’s daily article the Monday before Thanksgiving popped out at me (much more dramatic than a pop-up thermometer on a done turkey), “It is impossible to spell ‘Thanksgiving’ without ‘giving’. 

This brings to mind the quote, “You cannot love without giving.”  (My brain is playing the aroma of roasting turkey even as I type.) Giving and love are tied together. What a season!

Ron and I fussed as we figured out which Christmas bins to bring home first from storage. It’s good to have that behind us, with the Christmas lights up, as we move forward. 

When an appeal for strings of LED lights went on the Loving MountainCity Facebook, Mary Garza headed out to Walgreen’s.  Mary handed me two boxes as Ron and KissMe and I rounded The Garza’s corner (Live Oak at Ash) that Sunday evening.  How nice the Big Oak Tree at City Hall will look wrapped in lights! Every $9.99 donated will put 200 lights on the tree.  As many as 30 strings can be connected. 

Send donations to light Mountain City’s Big Oak Tree through PayPal.com to lovingmountaincity@gmail.com  

Just before we got to that corner, at 8:30 p.m. and 45 degrees, we found a very muddy Roland Garza working in a freshly dug hole in their side yard, with Chloe assisting at ground level. Roland is thankful that he “just happened” to walk over that way soon after his water line burst. 

 A tree root had lifted the Garzas’ PVC pipe to the breaking point. With the light of his LED standing shop light, Roland dug the hole (after digging multiple holes for new trees in November), sawed the root, and started the repair. 

Have you seen an LED work light with telescoping tripod stand? Roland got his on sale at a local hardware store. The bulb was cool to the touch. Very cool, indeed. 

The first cool night brought out matching black with white paw print fleece scarves we found on Mountain City Garage Sale Day (first Saturday/ Sunday in June). Such a hot buy on a hot day! They match exactly KissMe’s coat – custom made several years ago, back when Ron was working. 

Probably an escape brought a blue parakeet to the Porterfields’ on Maple. Pat and Brian texted a photo of the little tweetie eating seeds in with close to a dozen White-wingeds. 

Pat’s previous text to me came in July showing the 3-lb bag of “bird peanut pieces.” 

(For the birds, we buy unsalted peanuts, when half price.  

And, do the birds ever love the peanuts!  This week, birds of all sorts started pouring in.) 

Like many, Brian has been Christmas décor’ing. All houses “substantially decorated” by Sunday evening, Dec. 4th, have eligibility for recognition that comes through a citywide vote. Dec. 9th-11th.

 I gobble tidbits! ptom5678@gmail.com (Subject: tidbit) or email 512-268-5678.  Thanks!  Love, Pauline

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