Make your home welcoming to buyers during the holidays

Dear Terese,
I like decorating for the holidays, but my home will be going on the market in the next week.  Should I not put out any decorations to celebrate the season?

Dear Janice,
The principals for staging stay true all year round.   You want to make sure that every prospective buyer that walks thru your home can picture their friends and family living in your space.  To do that effectively, minimizing personalization is important to speak to the majority of buyers.  Noleen Bester, with NB Designs, recommends the following:  Remember, you’re selling a product, elegance and simplicity are key.  Choose holiday themed decorations vs. religious themed décor, i.e. pinecones, greenery, etc.  Match the colors of your holiday décor to the colors used in decorating your home. When decorating with a Christmas tree, used one that is appropriate for the room size and make sure it is not in the way.  Keep outdoor decorations simple, a simple wreath on the front door, but keep the inflatables and candy cane path lights packed away.  Consider wrapping gifts in color co-ordination gift wrap, matching your holiday décor and your home’s color scheme.  You don’t have to totally miss the excitement of the season, but keep the decorations simple and elegant, and you’ll appeal to more potential buyers!

Dear Terese,
My buyer has switched lenders after the option period.  Does this normally happen after a contract is executed?

Dear Susan,
Although not typical, it does happen.  When working with a buyer, I ask my clients to meet with a lender prior to shopping and making an offer. If possible, the lender should provide a conditional loan approval letter.  If I represent a seller, I ask for the same when an offer is received.  If the home has Ag or Wildlife exemption, you’ll want to make sure that the lender has closed with this type of property.  Also, you may want to ask if the buyer’s lender, thru your agent, can put a “rush” on the appraisal.  Often, the loan package can be “moved” from one lender to another, which may expedite the process.  Ask if they have “in-house” underwriting, these typically move a little faster as closing approaches.  As long as the lender can give you updates in writing that the loan process is moving forward, you’ll be able to keep your finger on the pulse of the progress of the loan, and receive reassurance that it will close!

Tip of the day: I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. – Charles Dickens

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