Treaty Oak expands to include new brewery

A Dripping Springs area distilling company is trying its hand at brewing.

Earlier this month, the Treaty Oak Brewing and Distilling Co. in Dripping Springs opened a brewery that is slated to produce 2,000 barrels, or roughly 27,500 cases of beer per year, according to a press release.

Chris Lamb, former Treaty Oak head distiller, has assumed the role of the company’s new brew master. According to the company, the fermentation process of the beer is also a primary component in the production of the company’s “core spirits,” which are rum and whiskey.

“We’re stoked to introduce a new line of beer, brewed fresh at the Treaty Oak Ranch,” said  Lamb. “Our beers reflect the same commitment to quality ingredients and precise production methods as we have with our distilled spirits to create the best possible products.”

 America’s thirst for craft beer has grown significantly in recent years, according to the release.

The Brewers Association says that in 2015 U.S. craft brewers saw a 13 percent increase in the amount of beer made, and there are now more breweries than ever before.

Texas licensed 65 new brewpubs and breweries in 2015, according to the release. Treaty Oak Brewing enters the market where consumers increasingly demand locally made craft beer.

According to the release, Treaty Oak is planning to produce a variety of beers that include Saison, lager, maibock, stout and porter beers.

Those beers will be aged in 53 gallon barrels that were previously used to age rum, wine and whiskey.

Daniel Barnes, founder of Treaty Oak, said the ranch has become a destination for many in the Hill Country. He said the company obtained feedback on what customers want.

 “Unlike completely new breweries, we’ve been able to tweak our recipes to ensure they appeal to customer preference,” Barnes said in a statement.

 The new beers will roll out during the month of December.

The brewery will be extending its production by adding two 60 barrel fermenters that will allow it to grow from six brews per month to 10.

This will increase annual output to 5,000 barrels a year with new fermenters. The added capacity will allow Treaty Oak Brewing to sell its beer in cans throughout the state beginning in March 2017.

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