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Urbanovsky wins Buda council runoff

It was an early night for Buda City Council Place 1 candidate Lee Urbanovsky who claimed his place on the dais after opponent John Hatch conceded Tuesday’s runoff election 15 minutes after the polls closed.

Urbanovsky, a political newcomer, won the Place 1 seat by taking roughly 61 percent of the 1,240 total votes. Hatch, who fell by a 272-vote margin, claimed roughly 39 percent of the vote.

Urbanovsky’s win was shouldered by a substantial 589-316 lead he built after early voting results were released.

According to Hays County Election records, roughly 15 percent of the 8,143 registered voters participated in Buda’s runoff election.

Hatch congratulated Urbanovsky and said that the race taught him about the recent changes to campaigning with an emphasis on social media communication.

“I congratulated him on his win and told him to go forward and do good work,” Hatch said.

While he didn’t win the election, Hatch said he would continue to support what is best for Buda and her residents.

“I still think a single member district is needed and if someone wants to take up that banner I would be more than happy to support them in their efforts,” Hatch said.

Urbanovsky said he was gracious when accepting Hatch’s concession but less noticeably excited than many of his supporters at the news of his win.

“I guess I’m happy, but it’s time to go to work now,” Urbanovsky said as he described being up for the challenge ahead.

With the Place 1 election finally behind him, Urbanovsky had a message of unity for all the voters regardless of for whom they voted.

“I want to represent all of Buda. There are no lines separating us between North, South, East or West Buda. I am ready to work for all of Buda,” Urbanovsky said.

Place 1 Seat Runoff Results

Lee Urbanovsky
756 total votes
(589 early voting)

John Hatch
484 total votes
(316 early voting)

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