Congrats to Mt. City winners

It’s a WONDERFUL life in Mountain City! How beautiful our city looks, all decorated up for Christmas. No one remembers Mountain City looking so spectacular to this extent in the past.

Thanks to everyone who helped light up Mountain City this year. From those with a string of lights to those who earned Citywide Recognition, you’ve made a drive-through delightful. It takes time, resources of time, and money to put up a display. It’s appreciated.

See some new kids on the block with the 2016 Citywide and “Best of …” Recognition, along with the “old faithful”.

Grand Prize – 213 Live  Oak Court
People’s Favorite -112 Pecan
CHRISTmas – 317 Live Oak
Color – 325 Live Oak
Creativity – 201 Maple
Elegance – 332 Live Oak
Santa – 114 Cedar
Sparkle – 112 Cedar
Theme – 125 Maple
Workshop – 300 Live Oak

These “Citywide” and the “Best of …” (Street /Section) can be found on the Facebook page for Loving Mountain City, and a few sheets with the complete list have been placed in a realtor’s “take one” box at the message board in front of Old City Hall. 

Decorating in November, and even in October, is becoming a tradition. Overall, Mountain City lights are turned on for the Holiday Season during Thanksgiving Weekend. What a wonderful way to clear up time during the Season to be with those we love and to step back to focus on Jesus, as spectators slowly drive the streets.

 Many Mountain City displays place focus on the birth of Jesus and on the cross of Jesus. Have you seen the sign on Ash that simply says, “Wonderful”?

 Here’s a shout out to Jason Tarr who took the reins for the close out of the Citywide electronic voting and the distribution of the award signs, so that Ron and I could be away (close by “away” at Sage Hill Inn Above Onion Creek) for our 45th Anniversary.  Thanks, Jason.

 And, a special thanks to Priscilla Gambino Harrell. Hoping to move to Mountain City, she keeps up with the Facebook page of Loving Mountain City. When Priscilla saw the need for Décor Scouts, she stepped forward and gave hours during the complex process that produces the simple ballot.

And, thanks to Ralph McClendon who repaired and made replacement little green-painted Christmas trees and award signs. 

Would you enjoy painting holly leaves and berries on our stenciled award signs, like the originals, before they go into storage?  Contact me, please.  

Do you have an idea for a nifty little marker (similar to the Christmas tree markers for Citywide Award nominees) that could be crafted by the dozens, for quickly pounding in the lawns of “Best of … “ (street /section) nominees? The markers need to cost next to nothing. Contact me, please. 

Merry Christmas!

Good news from heaven the angels bring,
Glad tidings to the earth they sing:
To us this day  a child is given,
To crown us with  the joy of heaven.
–Martin Luther 

As always, contact me when you have a tidbit, please. (subject: tidbit) or 512.268.5678  Thanks! Love, Pauline

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