Lights, camera, Drippin’: New video program to highlight city

With the help of an outside video production company, the city of Dripping Springs is vying to create a community video program meant to showcase the city.

Bonnie Gonzalez, communications coordinator for Dripping Springs, said in a staff report earlier this month that the city will bring in CGI Communications to help with the program. CGI is a video production company based in Rochester, NY.

“Through a series of custom videos, the program provides partners with a tool to promote tourism, educate and welcome future families and residents, recruit new business, and more,” Gonzalez said.

Entering an agreement with CGI would be a “cost-free” partnership with or without local business sponsorships, Gonzalez said.

“CGI provides all aspects of video production and editing. The finished video content will be viewable on our City’s website and can be posted on social media as well.” said Gonzalez.

CGI’s involvement in Dripping Springs has already started with the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce. Gonzalez said CGI is helping to create a series that’s centered around the chamber.

“My understanding [is]that CGI initially reached out to the Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce. Once its project began taking shape, CGI then reached out to the city to inquire about our participation as well,” said Gonzalez

While the city will have to wait its turn to work with CGI, the prospects of the partnership make the wait worthwhile, Gonzalez said.

“It’s a benefit for the community as a whole and especially those who are visiting our City website to learn more about Dripping Springs,” Gonzalez said. “Being that we live in a digital age, and that this comes at no cost to the City, it makes sense to move forward with implementing informational videos on our website.”

She added the most “difficult part” of the process could be choosing which topics will be highlighted in the four video series.

“There is so much we could highlight. Once completed, City and Chamber website visitors alike will have a video that portrays the best our community has to offer with the click of a mouse. We look forward to working together on this project.” Gonzalez said. 

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