Rep. Lamar Smith and Climate Change

The majority and some of the deepest discussions and debates on Climate Change take place in Congressman Lamar Smith’s Space, Science and Technology Committee. Critics say this forum gives too much time to those in denial, too much time to experts funded by entities benefiting financially from business as usual, and too much weight to questionable science.

However, like unexamined faith, unexamined science on Climate Change benefits no one. While I am personally convinced that the science is sufficiently clear to warrant action, I encourage a robust debate on climate change in good faith.

I would also encourage Rep. Smith to include policy discussion in this debate, perhaps by inviting now-CEO of ExxonMobil and soon-to-become Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, to testify before this committee. Mr. Tillerson’s company clearly acknowledges the human causation of climate change, and further supports a business-friendly price on carbon that Rep. Smith’s forum should add to their discussion.

I encourage Rep. Smith to continue this frequent and ongoing forum as well as consider joining the Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, a group of Representatives dedicated to working across the aisle together on common-sense economic solutions to this important issue.

Jon Beall

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